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mono crystalline solar panel
mono crystalline solar panel

mono crystalline solar panel

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1,mono crystalline solar cell high efficiency 2,high quality tempered glass 3,special offer for junction box with pure copper wire

The composition of solar cell modules and the functions of each part——

1) Tempered glass is used to protect the main body of power generation (such as cells). The light transmittance requirements: 1. High light transmittance (generally more than 91%); 2. Ultra-white tempered treatment.

2) EVA is used to bond and fix the tempered glass and the main body of power generation (such as battery sheet). The quality of the transparent EVA material directly affects the life of the module. EVA exposed to the air is easy to age and yellow, which affects the light transmittance of the module , Thereby affecting the power generation quality of the components. The lamination process of Auchan component manufacturers is very mature. The EVA glue connection meets the standard. The bonding strength between EVA and tempered glass and the backplane is strong. It mainly bonds the main body and the backplane of the power generation package.

3) The main function of the cell is to generate electricity, and the mainstream in the main power generation market is the crystalline silicon solar cell. Crystalline silicon solar cells have relatively low equipment costs and high photoelectric conversion efficiency. They are more suitable for power generation under outdoor sunlight. There are mainly two types of cells, monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon.

4) Backboard function, sealing, insulation, waterproof (using TPT, TPE and other materials, characterized by anti-aging, 25-year warranty.)

5) The aluminum alloy protective laminate plays a certain role of sealing and supporting.

6) The junction box protects the entire power generation system and acts as a current transfer station. If the component is short-circuited, the junction box automatically disconnects the short-circuit battery string to prevent burnout of the entire system connection. The most important thing in the junction box is the selection of diodes. The type of cell is different, the corresponding diode is also different.

7) Silicone sealing function is used to seal the junction between the component and the aluminum alloy frame, and the component and the junction box.

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